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  • Release Date: September 22nd 2014


    Up this month on Anabatic comes Aszido with his stellar two track EP, Going Out To The Hardcore. Aszido is an upcomming producer out of Buenos Aires, Argentina who a couple of months ago sent his demos and we instantly fell in love with his forward thinking bass and house grooves. Tried and tested on the dancefloor over and over these two tracks work prefectly. First up on the EP is Quiero a nice dirty bass house groover that works off an organ riff that builds with tension and then drops you into the kind of grooving bassline that works perfectly for us. It keeps you moving and never lets down. On the other side is Going Out To the Hardcore. It's a G-house groover that calls out all of the hip hoppers in the house. Working on a nice dirty house sound and nice bouncing chords this is one that you can't help but move your ass too. We hope you enjoy.

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